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Roscoe continues to dominate CA Chairmanship race

Daniel Roscoe, the primary delegate of Australis and candidate for Chairman of the Cupertino Alliance, has continued to dominate opinion polling in the lead up to the 2nd Cupertino Alliance Chairmanship Election, slated to take place on 29 January 2021. In a recent poll undertaken by the Cupertino Alliance, 22 delegates of the Alliance participated, in order to voice their opinion on the better candidate (although their vote is usually synonymous with who they will be voting in the election). In the poll, Roscoe scored 13 votes, four more than rival candidate Logan Ross, the incumbent Lieutenant-Chair of the Cupertino Alliance. Roscoe quickly took to Twitter, which has been one of his major platforms for getting campaign information out to the public, stating; "Pushing to victory with a 13-9 lead against Ross. Let's continue to grow that lead, and make the Alliance a better place! #StrivetoRevive #Roscoe2021"

Grand Duke releases Cupertino Alliance manifesto speech ahead of election

  Today, HRH Daniel Roscoe, the Grand Duke of Australis, released a video where he discussed his plans if elected as Chairman of the Cupertino Alliance. The almost nine-minute long speech outlined several plans regarding the Alliance. In addition, the video marked the first time that the Grand Duke has been seen in his formal attire. Daniel Roscoe, and his running mate, Sertor Valentinus, have consistently scored the highest on all pre-polls undertaken prior to the election. It is expected that all three delegates of the Cupertino Alliance, Chancellor Patrick Kenny, Casper von Naveria and Roscoe himself will vote for the Roscoe-Valentinus campaign at the upcoming January 2021 election, set to take place from 29 January to 6 February 2021. In addition, the campaign released a new campaign logo, in order to replace the old one, deemed not eye-catching enough.

Australis Summarised - November 2020

Welcome to the first issue of Australis Summarised, a small newsletter released monthly, summarising the events that have occurred in Australis across the month. This issue will cover November 2020. November has seen several aspects of growth, with the annexation of Beacon, and a new Government coming into power. Without further ado, here is Australis Summarised, November 2020 Edition . Annexation of Beacon November was kicked off in Australis with the formal annexation of a territory in the United Kingdom, specifically within the British Midlands, in Staffordshire. The Grand Duke proclaimed this new territory to be called Beacon. it is the first territory of Australis to be situated in Europe, and the third territory to be situated outside of Western Australia. Changes to Royal Citizenship Five members of the Houses of Roscoe and Burgess were granted citizenship of Australis in accordance with a declaration released by the Grand Duke, proclaiming that all living direct ascendants of t

Australis becomes a full member of GUM

This article has been written by an external journalist By Zarel Smith The Grand Unified Micronational is the largest intermicronational organisation in the MicroWiki Sector, garnering over forty member states. It is also one of the oldest organisations still functioning (though not continuously). Australis attained provisional membership—a status granted to newly-approved member states which are not owned voting rights—earlier this year on 14 October. On 4 November, following procedure, delegates of member states have voted and come to the resolution that Australis be admitted as a full member state. Although not official, many delegates hold a rule of thumb to only admit nations which had been around for at least six months, making Australis' admittance one of the quickest in the GUM's history for a non-successor state to a previous GUM member. Despite its declining prestige and influence amidst multiple controversies, it remains a highly regarded organisation, to the point w

Australis incorporates second overseas territory

  The flag of Beacon - a simple design that incorporates the Staffordshire Knot; an iconic symbol of the nearby region. On the 31st of October, 2020, the Unified Royal States of Australis formally annexed a new territory in the United Kingdom; its second overseas territory, and its first territory in Europe. The territory, named Beacon, is comprised of a large semi-rural semi-detached house, its garden, and a nearby field. It is situated in the county of Staffordshire, in the Midlands of England. The name of the territory originates from a nearby region, in addition to a beacon being a signal commonly associated with hope - something the Administrator of this territory knows of.  Cynthia Roscoe, grandmother of the Grand Duke of Australis, is the Administrator of Beacon. She is known in the community for her actions helping refugees and disadvantaged children, formerly working as a special needs teacher.  It is speculated that more Australissian territories in the United Kingdom may pop

Foreign Office reshapes diplomacy process

Under the new leadership of Minister for Foreign Affairs Sir Patrick Kenny, the Australissian Foreign Office has implemented an entirely new system for establishing diplomacy with Australis, in order to root out simulationist applicants from more serious applicants, and to further formalise the process. From 27 October 2020, nations intending to establish relations with Australis must follow a three step program. First of all, diplomats must file an application for a Nation Pass. This pass is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is an indicator that the nation's government is legitimate and that the nation is serious. Secondly, a Diplomat Pass will be issued under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Head of Government of the applying nation. Once these two passes have been accepted, a treaty may be drafted and ratified, at which point the nation will be recognised by Australis. The previous system used by the Government allowed simulationist n

Australissian Government endorses WARepublic Party

  Proposals for Western Australian secession have existed since the Federation of Australia, and have defined Western Australian culture for decades onwards. In 1933, the demands were secession had become so loud that a referendum was held; the referendum gained a majority 'Yes' vote of 67% of voters, however once the referendum was presented to the British parliament, it was rejected, and Australia carried on with Western Australia. However, over the last few years, the idea of secession has seen a resurgence in popularity. In 2017, the Western Australian Liberal Party formed a committee with the task of investigating the viability of Western Australian secession, however not much is publicly known about the results of said committee. However, according to a poll taken by Utting Research, with a sample size of 3500 Western Australians, 28% stated that they would support Western Australia becoming its own country.  Following this survey becoming public, ex-members of the contro

Australis gains Provisional Membership in the GUM

  The Grand Unified Micronational is one of, if not the most well known micronational organisation to still exist today. Established in 2009, it has continued to flourish, gaining new members over the years, including some of the most well known micronations such as the Empire of Austenasia. Today, almost twelve years after the GUM was formed, Australis has been accepted into its ranks. Membership in the Grand Unified Micronational has a history of being hard to attain, to the point where some micronationalists are calling it an "elitist organisation", reserved only for the oldest and most well developed nations. However, Australis, at just six months old, was able to gain membership in the organisation. This is in part due to the incredible level of development that has occurred within those short six months. The Grand Duke of Australis released the following statement following Australis being accepted: "I am highly pleased by the acceptance of Australis into the Grand

Grand Duke appoints Patrick Kenny as Foreign Minister

The position of the Minister for Foreign Affairs has long been unfilled within Australis - primarily because of the Government's size and the Grand Duke's tendency to be highly strict with appointing people to this position of such high importance. However, despite this, the Government of Australis have recently appointed Patrick Kenny, a micronationalist who had worked in Australis' neighbouring nation, the Kingdom of Australand since 2016. Kenny was formerly a prominent member of the Australandian government, holding the position of Prime Minister across two non-consecutive terms and later acting as the Minister for Foreign Affairs up until a recent election in which the government was replaced by a victorious opposition. Kenny had previously announced intentions to the Grand Duke of Australis on his intentions of "jumping ship" to Australis, should he lose his position in the Government of Australand. Kenny discussed his new position in a recent statement: &quo

6 Months Of Australis - A Brief Summary Of Everything So Far

April 2020 was a chaotic month throughout the world. Coronavirus was wreaking havoc around the world, global tensions were increasing and much of Australia was on lockdown - however, a positive event occured on the 8th of that month; The Unified Royal States of Australis declared independence. However, this Australis was quite different to the Australis we see today. Commonwealth of Australis? Pentarchy? What's That? When Australis was first founded, it was the Commonwealth of Australis - a confusing name, far too similar to the Commonwealth of Australia, and the government thought the same; less than a month later it became the Unified Royal States of Australis. The government at the time was also much different to today's government. Initially, a Pentarchy was declared. Don't know what that is? Not many did, but according to the government at the time, it was like a five person absolute monarchy. The system proved ineffective and was dumped in favour of a Gran

Australis Ratifies La Salle Convention

ON THE 8TH OF OCTOBER, 2020, the Unified Royal States of Australis formally ratified the La Salle Convention, an intermicronational treaty with the purpose of condemning cyberattacks, doxxing, discord raiding and online bullying. The convention, run by Sertor Valentinus of West Sayville and Thomas Bainbridge of Hrafnarfjall, was met with great praise by the Grand Duke of Australis, Daniel Roscoe, who was an early delegate of the convention. Mr. Roscoe has long condemned these online acts, recently standing up for micronationalist Ivan Brienovic of the Kingdom of Brienia, condemning the bullying behaviour of others towards him.  Australis' ratification of the convention coincidentally fell on the six month anniversary of the existence of Australis, with Australis declaring independence on the 8th of April, 2020.

Executive Announcement - Honorary Subjects

----------EXECUTIVE ANNOUNCEMENT---------- BY ORDER OF THE GRAND DUKE OF AUSTRALIS SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 From the 28th of September, 2020, all current Australissian citizens living outside of Australissian borders or within Australissian influence (Western Australia) will be immediately reclassified as Honorary Subjects of Australis. Honorary Subjects will still be able to call themselves Australissian; and participate in Australis, however they will not enjoy as many of the benefits a citizen does, including participating in government. The decision has come in a series of discussions to make Australis a more serious nation.

Australis Leadership Council 1st Session - Overview

Since April 2020, the month Australis was founded until now, Australis had only ever had one parliamentary session, via Microsoft Teams. However, the Australis Leadership Council met in session for the first time today to discuss a wide variety of topics.  During the session, the new coat of arms was presented, to great praise. The Council also unanimously ratified both the Libertas Convention and the Edgbaston Convention, in addition to discussing the future of the nation.  It is expected that from now, bi-monthly meetings of the ALC will occur.

Australis accepted into the LIN

On September 22, 2020, Australis was accepted into the League of Independent Nations, also known as the LIN. The decision comes after the Grand Duke of Australis approved the decision to apply in order to expand the fast-growing nations list of allies. The LIN was revived in  February 2020 by the leader of the Nexan Republic, Desslock Nafage. The Nexan Republic has been a close ally of Australis since July, reaching out to Australis offering to help rebuild the Australis Discord server, and inviting Australis to become an observer state of the LIN. At the time, Australis was moving away from establishing foreign relations, and rejected the offer with the potential to join at a later time.  Australis being a full member state of the LIN will bring greater cooperation between nations and boost Australissian influence within the micronational community.

Territorial Changes - Nullus and Lakeston

 In the last week there have been some territorial changes within Australis. On the 30th of August, the Governor of the Australissian Autonomous Royal State of Nullus, known by his online handle "Tech", announced that Nullus had ceased existence. Since then, Nullus was pulled from the Australissian MicroWiki page.  A day later, on the 1st of September, Grand Duke of Australis Daniel Roscoe declared a new territory of Australis. Called Lakeston, it is situated a few kilometers northeast of the main contiguous territory of Australis, on a wetland known as Lake Adams. He also announced that the Government will investigate the possibility of incorporating more territories into the Unified Royal States of Australis. Above: Flag of the Australissian Territory of Lakeston.

Who's Benefiting from the State Revitalisation Program?

  The State Revitalisation Program has recently been one of the primary undertakings of the Australissian Government, with the goal of improving the nation on the state level, however some have complained that their state is not benefiting from the program.  In an official Government statement, when questioned about the SRB, the Grand Duke of Australis, Daniel Roscoe, stated;  "All states will eventually benefit from the SRB. Currently, Amicitia and Integritas are the main priority for the SRB. Felicitatem and Beatitudinem will be the main focus after these two are complete. We will also eventually develop the territories."

Australissian Citizen Identification System Launched

The long awaited Australissian Citizen Identification System, known as ACIDS, has been launched. Marcus Oosthuizen, the Minister for Technology of Australis, has led the development of ACIDS for about a month. The release of ACIDS will partially automate the citizen registration system. Prior to its release, a person would apply to become a citizen, and upon being accepted, very basic information would be typed into a document. This process was complicated and made it easy for information to go missing. ACIDS will prompt the government member to input more detailed information and store it on the cloud to prevent file corruption or accidental deletion. Prior to the commencement of ACIDS development, the Grand Duke of Australis and Chancellor jointly worked on what was called CID at the time, however by the time ACIDS began development,  ACIDS is set to remain private, closed source software. The program will be distributed to government members in key positions relating to citizenship.

The First Recipients of the Order of Australis

Announced a few days ago, two people were awarded the Order of Australis, a civil service award awarded for considerable service to the government and nation leading to the growth of Australis as a whole. The two recipients of the award were Jared Barker, Chancellor of Australis, and Patrick Kenny, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Australand. The decision to award a non-citizen, Patrick Kenny, with the prestigious award, was made due to Kenny's considerable work in helping Australis grow, supporting the Meritocracy Implementation Plan and helping to establish the Perth Accord.

Australis and Meritocracy

Recently, on the 30th of July, 2020, the Unified Royal States of Australis began the transition to a meritocracy. The decision came after weeks of deliberation and the apparent threat of a splinter cell rising, intending to abuse to democratic system to gain power. The Grand Duke, Daniel Roscoe, believes that this is the best way forward for Australis. "To be honest, Australis has needed meritocracy for a while, and I'm glad we've finally begun to implement it. We can now appoint members of government who will actually have an active role in the community." - Daniel Roscoe, August 2, 2020 The Meritocratic Implementation Process, known as MIP, will make up much of the job of the Australissian government throughout August. It will consist of appointing new members meritocratically on August 18, implementing a purpose built currency system and also strengthening the commitment to Australis put in by its citizens.

Australis Accepted into the Cupertino Alliance

On the 15th of July, the Cupertino Alliance accepted the Unified Royal States of Australis into its ranks. This marks a significant day in the growth and development of Australis. Throughout the short history of Australis, it has been in multiple organisations, including the short-lived Organization of Allied Micronations and the Global Micronational Council. Both suffered from inactivity, which is why the Cupertino was the logical choice for membership. According to the mission of the Cupertino Alliance, the purpose of the Alliance is to promote peace between micronations, promote peace between citizens, o ffer the services of reliable freedom, and trustable security and justice to citizens and lastly to p romote activity within member nations. In a private interview with the Grand Duke of Australis, His Royal Highness Daniel I, the leader of Australis had this to say regarding the decision: "I am proud to have led our nation to this wonderful milestone in the develo