Australis Accepted into the Cupertino Alliance

On the 15th of July, the Cupertino Alliance accepted the Unified Royal States of Australis into its ranks. This marks a significant day in the growth and development of Australis. Throughout the short history of Australis, it has been in multiple organisations, including the short-lived Organization of Allied Micronations and the Global Micronational Council. Both suffered from inactivity, which is why the Cupertino was the logical choice for membership.

According to the mission of the Cupertino Alliance, the purpose of the Alliance is to promote peace between micronations, promote peace between citizens, offer the services of reliable freedom, and trustable security and justice to citizens and lastly to promote activity within member nations.

In a private interview with the Grand Duke of Australis, His Royal Highness Daniel I, the leader of Australis had this to say regarding the decision:
"I am proud to have led our nation to this wonderful milestone in the development of Australis. We're growing fast and attracting the attention of some of the larger micronations, which seems to be good so far."

Above: Logo of the Cupertino Alliance


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