Australis and Meritocracy

Recently, on the 30th of July, 2020, the Unified Royal States of Australis began the transition to a meritocracy. The decision came after weeks of deliberation and the apparent threat of a splinter cell rising, intending to abuse to democratic system to gain power. The Grand Duke, Daniel Roscoe, believes that this is the best way forward for Australis.

"To be honest, Australis has needed meritocracy for a while, and I'm glad we've finally begun to implement it. We can now appoint members of government who will actually have an active role in the community." - Daniel Roscoe, August 2, 2020

The Meritocratic Implementation Process, known as MIP, will make up much of the job of the Australissian government throughout August. It will consist of appointing new members meritocratically on August 18, implementing a purpose built currency system and also strengthening the commitment to Australis put in by its citizens.


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