Australissian Citizen Identification System Launched

The long awaited Australissian Citizen Identification System, known as ACIDS, has been launched. Marcus Oosthuizen, the Minister for Technology of Australis, has led the development of ACIDS for about a month.

The release of ACIDS will partially automate the citizen registration system. Prior to its release, a person would apply to become a citizen, and upon being accepted, very basic information would be typed into a document. This process was complicated and made it easy for information to go missing. ACIDS will prompt the government member to input more detailed information and store it on the cloud to prevent file corruption or accidental deletion.

Prior to the commencement of ACIDS development, the Grand Duke of Australis and Chancellor jointly worked on what was called CID at the time, however by the time ACIDS began development, 

ACIDS is set to remain private, closed source software. The program will be distributed to government members in key positions relating to citizenship. The Ministry of Technology, led by Marcus Oosthuizen, is currently developing a public-use Australis app for PC and later mobile, which will allow for citizens to quickly access information about Australis and manage their details.


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