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Executive Announcement - Honorary Subjects

----------EXECUTIVE ANNOUNCEMENT---------- BY ORDER OF THE GRAND DUKE OF AUSTRALIS SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 From the 28th of September, 2020, all current Australissian citizens living outside of Australissian borders or within Australissian influence (Western Australia) will be immediately reclassified as Honorary Subjects of Australis. Honorary Subjects will still be able to call themselves Australissian; and participate in Australis, however they will not enjoy as many of the benefits a citizen does, including participating in government. The decision has come in a series of discussions to make Australis a more serious nation.

Australis Leadership Council 1st Session - Overview

Since April 2020, the month Australis was founded until now, Australis had only ever had one parliamentary session, via Microsoft Teams. However, the Australis Leadership Council met in session for the first time today to discuss a wide variety of topics.  During the session, the new coat of arms was presented, to great praise. The Council also unanimously ratified both the Libertas Convention and the Edgbaston Convention, in addition to discussing the future of the nation.  It is expected that from now, bi-monthly meetings of the ALC will occur.

Australis accepted into the LIN

On September 22, 2020, Australis was accepted into the League of Independent Nations, also known as the LIN. The decision comes after the Grand Duke of Australis approved the decision to apply in order to expand the fast-growing nations list of allies. The LIN was revived in  February 2020 by the leader of the Nexan Republic, Desslock Nafage. The Nexan Republic has been a close ally of Australis since July, reaching out to Australis offering to help rebuild the Australis Discord server, and inviting Australis to become an observer state of the LIN. At the time, Australis was moving away from establishing foreign relations, and rejected the offer with the potential to join at a later time.  Australis being a full member state of the LIN will bring greater cooperation between nations and boost Australissian influence within the micronational community.

Territorial Changes - Nullus and Lakeston

 In the last week there have been some territorial changes within Australis. On the 30th of August, the Governor of the Australissian Autonomous Royal State of Nullus, known by his online handle "Tech", announced that Nullus had ceased existence. Since then, Nullus was pulled from the Australissian MicroWiki page.  A day later, on the 1st of September, Grand Duke of Australis Daniel Roscoe declared a new territory of Australis. Called Lakeston, it is situated a few kilometers northeast of the main contiguous territory of Australis, on a wetland known as Lake Adams. He also announced that the Government will investigate the possibility of incorporating more territories into the Unified Royal States of Australis. Above: Flag of the Australissian Territory of Lakeston.