Territorial Changes - Nullus and Lakeston

 In the last week there have been some territorial changes within Australis. On the 30th of August, the Governor of the Australissian Autonomous Royal State of Nullus, known by his online handle "Tech", announced that Nullus had ceased existence. Since then, Nullus was pulled from the Australissian MicroWiki page. 

A day later, on the 1st of September, Grand Duke of Australis Daniel Roscoe declared a new territory of Australis. Called Lakeston, it is situated a few kilometers northeast of the main contiguous territory of Australis, on a wetland known as Lake Adams.

He also announced that the Government will investigate the possibility of incorporating more territories into the Unified Royal States of Australis.

Above: Flag of the Australissian Territory of Lakeston.


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