Australis Ratifies La Salle Convention

ON THE 8TH OF OCTOBER, 2020, the Unified Royal States of Australis formally ratified the La Salle Convention, an intermicronational treaty with the purpose of condemning cyberattacks, doxxing, discord raiding and online bullying.

The convention, run by Sertor Valentinus of West Sayville and Thomas Bainbridge of Hrafnarfjall, was met with great praise by the Grand Duke of Australis, Daniel Roscoe, who was an early delegate of the convention.

Mr. Roscoe has long condemned these online acts, recently standing up for micronationalist Ivan Brienovic of the Kingdom of Brienia, condemning the bullying behaviour of others towards him. 

Australis' ratification of the convention coincidentally fell on the six month anniversary of the existence of Australis, with Australis declaring independence on the 8th of April, 2020.


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