Australissian Government endorses WARepublic Party


Proposals for Western Australian secession have existed since the Federation of Australia, and have defined Western Australian culture for decades onwards. In 1933, the demands were secession had become so loud that a referendum was held; the referendum gained a majority 'Yes' vote of 67% of voters, however once the referendum was presented to the British parliament, it was rejected, and Australia carried on with Western Australia.

However, over the last few years, the idea of secession has seen a resurgence in popularity. In 2017, the Western Australian Liberal Party formed a committee with the task of investigating the viability of Western Australian secession, however not much is publicly known about the results of said committee. However, according to a poll taken by Utting Research, with a sample size of 3500 Western Australians, 28% stated that they would support Western Australia becoming its own country. 

Following this survey becoming public, ex-members of the controversial Australian Palmer United Party, joined together to form the WARepublic Party, with the express goal of winning seats in the upcoming March 2021 State elections. 

Why should WA become its own country though? Should the movement succeed, Western Australia would likely have an economy comparable to New Zealand, Qatar and South Africa, at $202 billion USD, according to the current Gross State Product (GSP) of Western Australia. This would mean that as opposed to the majority of the money made by Western Australian industry going to the Eastern States, it would stay in WA, helping to grow and develop the state. 

One of the goals that the Unified Royal States of Australis has always stood for is Western Australian secession. It makes sense that with the formation of this newfound political party, that our nation would support it in it's push to achieve secession from the Federation of Australia. 


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