Foreign Office reshapes diplomacy process

Under the new leadership of Minister for Foreign Affairs Sir Patrick Kenny, the Australissian Foreign Office has implemented an entirely new system for establishing diplomacy with Australis, in order to root out simulationist applicants from more serious applicants, and to further formalise the process.

From 27 October 2020, nations intending to establish relations with Australis must follow a three step program. First of all, diplomats must file an application for a Nation Pass. This pass is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is an indicator that the nation's government is legitimate and that the nation is serious. Secondly, a Diplomat Pass will be issued under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Head of Government of the applying nation. Once these two passes have been accepted, a treaty may be drafted and ratified, at which point the nation will be recognised by Australis.

The previous system used by the Government allowed simulationist nations to become recognised by Australis, as such these changes were necessary for Australis to thrive.


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