Grand Duke appoints Patrick Kenny as Foreign Minister

The position of the Minister for Foreign Affairs has long been unfilled within Australis - primarily because of the Government's size and the Grand Duke's tendency to be highly strict with appointing people to this position of such high importance. However, despite this, the Government of Australis have recently appointed Patrick Kenny, a micronationalist who had worked in Australis' neighbouring nation, the Kingdom of Australand since 2016.

Kenny was formerly a prominent member of the Australandian government, holding the position of Prime Minister across two non-consecutive terms and later acting as the Minister for Foreign Affairs up until a recent election in which the government was replaced by a victorious opposition. Kenny had previously announced intentions to the Grand Duke of Australis on his intentions of "jumping ship" to Australis, should he lose his position in the Government of Australand. Kenny discussed his new position in a recent statement:

"I should like you to express to the Grand Duke my deep appreciation of the honor to be appointed to the illustrious rank of Foreign Minister. I had the good fortune to have, in my work, the collaboration of the Grand Duke statesman, remarkable for the magnanimity of his spirit, for the independence of their judgment, and for their love of peace and prosperity for the two nations of Australis and Australand. Without his help I would have been able to do nothing. My feeling of gratitude for the appointment is cultivated in a new common effort and a new deal for Australis in the international community" - Patrick Kenny

 The announcement comes shortly after Brayden 'Lee' Eaves was appointed as a Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs in Australis, in order to assist the Grand Duke with the task of managing foreign affairs with the lack of a minister. It is anticipated that Mr. Kenny and Mr. Eaves will perform their duties well, under the advice and will of the Grand Duke of Australis.


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