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Australis becomes a full member of GUM

This article has been written by an external journalist By Zarel Smith The Grand Unified Micronational is the largest intermicronational organisation in the MicroWiki Sector, garnering over forty member states. It is also one of the oldest organisations still functioning (though not continuously). Australis attained provisional membership—a status granted to newly-approved member states which are not owned voting rights—earlier this year on 14 October. On 4 November, following procedure, delegates of member states have voted and come to the resolution that Australis be admitted as a full member state. Although not official, many delegates hold a rule of thumb to only admit nations which had been around for at least six months, making Australis' admittance one of the quickest in the GUM's history for a non-successor state to a previous GUM member. Despite its declining prestige and influence amidst multiple controversies, it remains a highly regarded organisation, to the point w

Australis incorporates second overseas territory

  The flag of Beacon - a simple design that incorporates the Staffordshire Knot; an iconic symbol of the nearby region. On the 31st of October, 2020, the Unified Royal States of Australis formally annexed a new territory in the United Kingdom; its second overseas territory, and its first territory in Europe. The territory, named Beacon, is comprised of a large semi-rural semi-detached house, its garden, and a nearby field. It is situated in the county of Staffordshire, in the Midlands of England. The name of the territory originates from a nearby region, in addition to a beacon being a signal commonly associated with hope - something the Administrator of this territory knows of.  Cynthia Roscoe, grandmother of the Grand Duke of Australis, is the Administrator of Beacon. She is known in the community for her actions helping refugees and disadvantaged children, formerly working as a special needs teacher.  It is speculated that more Australissian territories in the United Kingdom may pop