Australis becomes a full member of GUM

This article has been written by an external journalist
By Zarel Smith

The Grand Unified Micronational is the largest intermicronational organisation in the MicroWiki Sector, garnering over forty member states. It is also one of the oldest organisations still functioning (though not continuously). Australis attained provisional membership—a status granted to newly-approved member states which are not owned voting rights—earlier this year on 14 October. On 4 November, following procedure, delegates of member states have voted and come to the resolution that Australis be admitted as a full member state. Although not official, many delegates hold a rule of thumb to only admit nations which had been around for at least six months, making Australis' admittance one of the quickest in the GUM's history for a non-successor state to a previous GUM member. Despite its declining prestige and influence amidst multiple controversies, it remains a highly regarded organisation, to the point where having membership is largely desirable. Membership within the Grand Unified Micronational has a history of being difficult to attain, to the point where some micronationalists are calling it an "elitist organisation", reserved only for the oldest and most well developed nations. This continues to mark Australis' exponential growth, and diplomatic outreach within the community.


Here is the statement Daniel I, Grand Duke of Australis released;


"Throughout the history of Australis, we have celebrated many milestones such as the day we achieved fifty citizens, or perhaps the day we turned six months old. Those were big days for us. Those were all major milestones in the development of Australis. But today, our greatest achievement thus far has occurred. Today, we have been accepted into the ranks of the Grand Unified Micronational as a full member. Full membership in the GUM is an honour for just about any micronation. This will pave the way for the future of Australis.


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