Australis Summarised - November 2020

Welcome to the first issue of Australis Summarised, a small newsletter released monthly, summarising the events that have occurred in Australis across the month. This issue will cover November 2020. November has seen several aspects of growth, with the annexation of Beacon, and a new Government coming into power.

Without further ado, here is Australis Summarised, November 2020 Edition.

Annexation of Beacon

November was kicked off in Australis with the formal annexation of a territory in the United Kingdom, specifically within the British Midlands, in Staffordshire. The Grand Duke proclaimed this new territory to be called Beacon. it is the first territory of Australis to be situated in Europe, and the third territory to be situated outside of Western Australia.

Changes to Royal Citizenship

Five members of the Houses of Roscoe and Burgess were granted citizenship of Australis in accordance with a declaration released by the Grand Duke, proclaiming that all living direct ascendants of the Grand Duke of Australis shall become citizens.

Grand Unified Micronational Full Membership

Australis was upgraded to a full member state within the Grand Unified Micronational, the oldest and largest micronational organisation in the micronational community. Seventeen member states voted to upgrade the nation's membership, four voted to retain the nation's provisional membership, and one member state voted in favour of the expulsion of Australis from the GUM. Shortly after, the Grand Duke released a statement expressing his gratitude to the membership states of the GUM for accepting Australis as a member state.

Patrick Kenny becomes Chancellor

A major shock hit the nation when the Chancellor of Australis, Sir Jared Barker, who had been in the position since Australis' transition to a Duchy, and as Prime Minister during the Pentarchy Era, suddenly resigned from his office, announcing his intentions to head up the financial aspects of the nation, as Treasurer instead. Following this, the newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Patrick Kenny was offered the top job, to which he gratefully accepted, immediately instituting Government reforms to assist in making Australis an active nation again.

Iceni Treaty

Australis signed a treaty of bilateral recognition with the Iceni Federal Republic, a nation that has notably also signed a treaty of bilateral recognition with the well known Empire of Austenasia, as well as other nations, such as GUM member state Essexia, and a Croatian micronation, the Kingdom of Brienia.

First Australissian Flag Delivered 

Toward the end of the month, an Australissian flag, ordered about one month prior via the micronational flag making service MicroFlag, was successfully delivered to the Royal Residence of  Australis. The flag was promptly prominently hung up in the Grand Duke's bedroom. 


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