Grand Duke releases Cupertino Alliance manifesto speech ahead of election


Today, HRH Daniel Roscoe, the Grand Duke of Australis, released a video where he discussed his plans if elected as Chairman of the Cupertino Alliance. The almost nine-minute long speech outlined several plans regarding the Alliance. In addition, the video marked the first time that the Grand Duke has been seen in his formal attire.

Daniel Roscoe, and his running mate, Sertor Valentinus, have consistently scored the highest on all pre-polls undertaken prior to the election.

It is expected that all three delegates of the Cupertino Alliance, Chancellor Patrick Kenny, Casper von Naveria and Roscoe himself will vote for the Roscoe-Valentinus campaign at the upcoming January 2021 election, set to take place from 29 January to 6 February 2021.

In addition, the campaign released a new campaign logo, in order to replace the old one, deemed not eye-catching enough.


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