Roscoe continues to dominate CA Chairmanship race

Daniel Roscoe, the primary delegate of Australis and candidate for Chairman of the Cupertino Alliance, has continued to dominate opinion polling in the lead up to the 2nd Cupertino Alliance Chairmanship Election, slated to take place on 29 January 2021.

In a recent poll undertaken by the Cupertino Alliance, 22 delegates of the Alliance participated, in order to voice their opinion on the better candidate (although their vote is usually synonymous with who they will be voting in the election). In the poll, Roscoe scored 13 votes, four more than rival candidate Logan Ross, the incumbent Lieutenant-Chair of the Cupertino Alliance.

Roscoe quickly took to Twitter, which has been one of his major platforms for getting campaign information out to the public, stating;

"Pushing to victory with a 13-9 lead against Ross. Let's continue to grow that lead, and make the Alliance a better place!

#StrivetoRevive #Roscoe2021"

Ross has not yet responded to this setback.

Should Roscoe win, he will become the sixth Chairman of the Cupertino Alliance (including CA predecessors), the third Chairman (since the CA revival), but the second Chairman, counting those who have been elected into the position.


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