Grand Duke of Australis to announce a general election

 In recent days, the Australissian Privy Council has been working on a plan to hold the first elections since April 2020. It is believed that the Privy Council will hold an election to elect a House of Commons within the coming weeks. Four seats will be up for grabs - two from Amicitia, and two from Integritas, following a 1:5 ratio of representatives to citizens.

Provisions for a general election, and other several changes, have begun to appear across Australis over the last few weeks. Some of the most notable of these changes included the commencement of a constitution for Australis, something that Australis has notably lacked since its establishment in April 2020, as well as the dissolution of two Australissian states, leaving former superpower states Amicitia and Integritas. In addition, a citizenship purge to allow the citizenship list to reflect active citizens pointed toward changes to allow a voting pool to be established.

The nation has had a rocky history when it comes to democracy and elections. Political parties, and even democracy altogether, have been outlawed multiple times, by the order of Daniel I, the Grand Duke of Australis, however in recent months the nation appears to have stabilised.

The Privy Council have stated that they will be releasing more information soon.


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